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Abdel-Mageed, Neveen B., Ghanem, Ashraf, Shaaban, Ibrahim ORCID:, Ardakanian, Atiyeh, Ibrahem, Mohamed M. M. and Elgamal, Mohamed (2023) Effect of using a passive rotor on the accuracy of flow measurements in sewer pipes using a slug tracer-dilution method. Water, 15 (2). p. 369.

Abdelhaleem, Fahmy Salah, Mohamed, Ibrahim M., Shaaban, Ibrahim ORCID:, Ardakanian, Atiyeh, Fahmy, Wael and Ibrahim, Amir (2023) Pressure-flow scour under a bridge deck in clear water conditions. Water, 15 (3). p. 404.

Abdulla, Faruq, Hossain, Moyazzem, Huq, Mohammed, Hai, Abdul, Rahman, Azizur, Kabir, Russell, Peya, Farhana, Islam, Sinigdha and Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2023) Prevalence, determinants and consequences of problematic smartphone use among preschoolers (3–5 years) from Dhaka, Bangladesh: a cross-sectional investigation. Journal of Affective Disorders, 329. pp. 413-427. ISSN 0165-0327

Ahmed, Arif, Tsiami, Amalia ORCID: and Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2023) Effects of dietary and lifestyle management on type 2 diabetes development among ethnic minority adults living in the UK: a generational shift. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, 31. p. 100634. ISSN 1878-450X

Asiamah, Nestor, Agyemang, Simon Mawulorm, Yarfi, Cosmos, Jnr, Reginald Arthur-Mensah, Muhonja, Faith, Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID:, Kouveliotis, Kyriakos and Sghaier, Sarra (2023) Associations of social networks with physical activity enjoyment among older adults: walkability as a modifier through a STROBE-compliant analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20 (4). p. 3341. ISSN 1661-7827

Asiamah, Nestor, Bateman, Andrew, Hjorth, Peter, Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: and Danquah, Emelia (2023) Socially active neighborhoods: construct operationalization for aging in place, health promotion and psychometric testing. Health Promotion International, 38 (1). ISSN 0957-4824


Bakhtiari, Vahid, Piadeh, Farzad and Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID: (2023) Application of Innovative Digital Technologies in Urban Flood Risk Management. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.

Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID:, Piadeh, Farzad, Chen, Albert and Luiza, Campos (2023) Using Ensemble Data Mining Modelling for Nonbinary Overflow Detection in Urban Flooding. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.

Blay-Armah, Augustine, Bahadori-Jahromi, Ali ORCID:, Mylona, Anastasia and Barthorpe, Mark (2023) End-of-life management strategies to mitigate the impacts of building components on climate change: a case study. Engineering Future Sustainability (EFS).


DondeGirotto, Cristiane, Piadeh, Farzad, Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID:, Zolgharni, Massoud ORCID:, Campos, Luiza and Chen, Albert (2023) Role of Satellite Precipitation Products in Real-Time Predictions of Urban Rainfall-Runoff by Using Machine Learning Modelling. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.


Ferdowsi, Ahmad, Piadeh, Farzad and Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID: (2023) Real-Time Urban Flood Forecasting: Application of Hybrid Modelling Using Both Physically based and Data-Driven models. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.

Forward, Cat, Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: and Fox, Pauline ORCID: (2023) The experience of living alone as an older woman in the UK during the Covid pandemic: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. BMC Public Health, 23 (1).


Gagliardi, Valerio, Tosti, Fabio ORCID:, Bianchini Ciampoli, Luca, Battagliere, Maria Libera, D'Amato, Luigi, Alani, Amir M. and Benedetto, Andrea (2023) Satellite remote sensing and non-destructive testing methods for transport infrastructure monitoring: advances, challenges and perspectives. Remote Sensing, 15 (2). p. 418.

George, Biju, Loo, Jonathan ORCID: and Jie, Wei ORCID: (2023) Novel multi-objective optimisation for maintenance activities of floating production storage and offloading facilities. Applied Ocean Research, 130. p. 103440. ISSN 0141-1187

Gheibi, Mohammad, Chahkandi, Benyamin, Behzadian, Kourosh ORCID:, Akrami, Mehran and Moezzi, Reza (2023) Evaluation of ceramic water filters’ performance and analysis of managerial insights by SWOT matrix. Environmental Industry Letters, 1 (1).

Ghosh, Gargi, Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: and Vohra, Salim ORCID: (2023) Exploring the differences in social care needs by the degree of obesity among older adults in England: a cross-sectional study. Health and Social Care in the Community, 2023. ISSN 0966-0410

Greene, Carolynn ORCID:, Wilson, Jennie ORCID:, Griffin, Hannah, Tingle, Alison, Cooper, Tracey, Semple, Malcolm G, Enoch, David, Lee, Andrew and Loveday, Heather ORCID: (2023) The role of pandemic planning in the management of COVID-19 in England from an infection prevention and control (IPC) perspective: results of a national survey. Public Health. ISSN 0033-3506 (In Press)


Hasan, Agha ORCID:, Bahadori-Jahromi, Ali ORCID:, Mylona, Anastasia and Barthorpe, Mark (2023) A quantitative case study to assess the performance of UK supermarket buildings in relation to future climate change and modern construction techniques (MMCs). Engineering Future Sustainability (EFS), 1 (1).

Hester, Helen ORCID: and Srnicek, Nick (2023) After work: a history of the home and the fight for free time. Verso, London. ISBN 9781786633071 (In Press)

Hosseinzadeh, Azadeh, Behzadian, Kourosh ORCID:, Torabi Haghighi, Ali, Rossi, Pekka, Karami, Mozhgan and Ardeshir, Abdollah (2023) A new multi-criteria framework to identify optimal detention ponds in urban drainage systems. Journal of Flood Risk management. (In Press)


Kaihani, Reza, Tohidi, Mosleh, Janbey, Alan and Bahadori-Jahromi, Ali ORCID: (2023) Enhancing Sustainability of Low to Medium-Rise Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings in the UK. Engineering Future Sustainability (EFS).

Keyhani, Maryam, Abbaspour, Atefeh, Bahadori-Jahromi, Ali ORCID:, Mylona, Anastasia, Janbey, Alan, Godfrey, Paulina and Zhang, Hexin (2023) Whole Life Carbon Assessment of a Typical UK Residential Building Using Different Embodied Carbon Data Sources. MDPI Sustainability.

Kiyan, Amirhossein, Gheibi, Mohammad, Akrami, Mehran, Moezzi, Reza and Behzadian, Kourosh ORCID: (2023) A comprehensive platform for air pollution control system operation in smart cities of developing countries: a case study of Tehran. Environmental Industry Letters, 1 (1).

Kiyan, Amirhossein, Gheibi, Mohammad, Akrami, Mehran, Moezzi, Reza, Behzadian, Kourosh ORCID: and Taghavian, Hadi (2023) The operation of urban water treatment plants: a review of smart dashboard frameworks. Environmental Industry Letters, 1 (1).

Kouchaki, Leila, Kakhki, Ali Darvishpoor, Bayat, Zahra Safavi and Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2023) Association between fear of falling and self-care behaviours of older people with hypertension. Nursing Open.


Lawal, Muili (2023) Blood glucose monitoring: a key component of diabetes management. LOJ Nursing & Healthcare.


Mohebbi, Golnaz, Hasan, Agha ORCID:, Blay-Armah, Augustine, Bahadori-Jahromi, Ali ORCID:, Mylona, Anastasia and Barthorpe, Mark (2023) Comparative analysis of the whole life carbon of three construction methods of a UK-based supermarket. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. ISSN 0143-6244

Montaser, Wael, Shaaban, Ibrahim ORCID:, Rizzuto, Joseph, Zaher, Amr, Rashad, Ahmed and El Sadany, Shorouk (2023) Steel reinforced self-compacting concrete (SCC) cantilever beams: bond behaviour in poor condition zones. International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials. ISSN 1976-0485

Muecklich, Nadine, Sikora, Ivan ORCID:, Paraskevas, Alexandros ORCID: and Padhra, Anil ORCID: (2023) Safety and reliability in aviation – a systematic scoping review of normal accident theory, high-reliability theory, and resilience engineering in aviation. Safety Science, 162. p. 106097. ISSN 0925-7535


Nagy, Zsofia Borbala and Lafarge, Caroline ORCID: (2023) Factors predicting birth satisfaction in Hungary. New Vistas. (In Press)


O'Malley, Evelyn, Turner, Cathy and Garcia, Giselle ORCID: (2023) “Mundane” performance: theatre outdoors and earthly pleasures. Critical Stages.

Offie, Ikechukwu, Piadeh, Farzad, Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID:, Campos, Luiza C. and Yaman, Rokiah (2023) Development of an artificial intelligence-based framework for biogas generation from a micro anaerobic digestion plant. Waste Management, 158. pp. 66-75. ISSN 0956-053X

Olsen, Dennis, Crewe, Jon ORCID: and Nicholls, Marcus (2023) Screening older age: The representation of older adults in British cinema between 2010 and 2022. Project Report. UNSPECIFIED, Centre for Ageing Better.


Padhra, Anil ORCID: and Khanom, Nasrin (2023) Building energy resilience in a changing climate. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED, United Kingdon.

Padhra, Anil ORCID: and Kurnaz, Salim (2023) Aviation and climate change: becoming a climate-neutral industry. In: Challenges and Opportunities for Aviation Stakeholders in a Post-Pandemic World. IGI Global. ISBN 9781668468357

Paterson, Justin ORCID:, Norton, Charlie and Pratt, Daniel (2023) Performance mapping and control; enhanced musical connections and a strategy to optimise flow-state. In: Innovation in Music: An international perspective. Innovation in Music. Routledge, Taylor and Francis, London, UK; New York, USA. (In Press)

Piadeh, Farshad, Piadeh, Farzad and Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID: (2023) Time-series Boosting in Ensemble Modelling of Real-Time Flood Forecasting Application. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.

Piadeh, Farzad, Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID:, Chen, Albert, Campos, Luiza and Rizzuto, Joseph (2023) Real-time flood overflow forecasting in Urban Drainage Systems by using time-series multi-stacking of data mining techniques. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.

Piadeh, Farzad, Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID: and Rizzuto, Joseph (2023) Event-based Flood Data Imputation for Infilling Missing Data in Real-time Flood Warning Systems. In: EGU General Assembly 2023, 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria.


Russo, Nicola, Huang, Haochun, Donati, Eugenio, Madsen, Thomas ORCID: and Nikolic, Konstantin ORCID: (2023) An interface platform for robotic neuromorphic systems. Chips, 2 (1). pp. 20-30.


Sattarzadeh, Neda ORCID:, Tsiami, Amalia ORCID:, Maxim, Christina and Iordanova, Elitza ORCID: (2023) Awareness and perceptions of ethnic restaurant managers towards authenticity and sensory strategies – A case study of Persian ethnic restaurants in London. International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science.


Tosti, Fabio ORCID: (2023) Year I—Introducing NDT: A New Journal on Non-Destructive Testing Science, Technology and Their Applications. NDT (MDPI).


ul Khairi, Danish, Ayaz, Ferheen, Saeed, Nagham ORCID:, Ahsan, Kamran and Zeeshan Ali, Syed (2023) Analysis of deep convolutional neural network models for the fine-grained classification of vehicles. Future Transportation, 3 (1). pp. 133-149.


Viebach, Julia, Bikesha, Denis and Moore, Allan ORCID: (2023) Rwanda’s Gacaca courts and the discovery of mass graves. In: Mass Graves, Truth and Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Investigation of Mass Graves. Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 9781800882379 (In Press)


Walsh, Dave, Brooks, Graham ORCID:, Naka, Makiko, Oxburgh, Gavin and Kyo, Akira (2023) Forensic interviews conducted with autistic adults in Japan: A review of the literature and directions for future research. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law. (In Press)

Widanaralalage Don, Kennath, Hine, Ben ORCID:, Murphy, Anthony ORCID: and Murji, Karim ORCID: (2023) A qualitative investigation of service providers’ experiences supporting raped and sexually abused men. Violence and Victims, 38 (1). pp. 53-76. ISSN 0886-6708

Wilby, Rob, Smith, Shona, Petersen, Katrina, Misal, Haleema, AbdulRafiu, Abbas, Alam, Ashraful, Anthony, Rosie, Blenkinsop, Stephen, Brown, Claire, Fowler, Hayley, Gupta, Rajat, Harcourt, Rachel, Kurul, Esra, Lee, Michael, Padhra, Anil ORCID:, Radcliffe, Jonathan, Shepherd, Becky, Walton, Jo and Yarr, Roddy (2023) Assessing climate risk and strengthening resilience for UK Higher Education Institutions. Working Paper. UNSPECIFIED, United Kingdon.


Yazici, Edanur, Murji, Karim ORCID:, Keith, Michael, Pile, Steve, Solomos, John and Wang, Ying (2023) ‘London is avocado on toast’: the urban imaginaries of the #LondonIsOpen campaign. Urban Studies. ISSN 0042-0980

Yeboah-Ofori, Abel ORCID: and Opoku-Boateng, Francisca Afua (2023) Mitigating Cybercrimes in An Evolving Organizational Landscape. Emerald Continuity Resilience Review.

Yuan, X, Han, S, Zhao, F, Manyande, Anne ORCID:, Gao, F, Wang, J, Zhang, W and Tian, X (2023) Rapid injection of lumbar dorsal root ganglia under direct vision: relevant anatomy, protocol, and behaviors. Frontiers in Neurology, section Headache and Neurogenic Pain.. (In Press)

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