Automated multi-beat tissue Doppler echocardiography analysis using deep neural networks

Lane, Elisabeth S., Jevsikov, Jevgeni, Shun-shin, Matthew J., Dhutia, Niti, Matoorian, Nasser, Cole, Graham D., Francis, Darrel P. and Zolgharni, Massoud (2023) Automated multi-beat tissue Doppler echocardiography analysis using deep neural networks. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 61 (5). pp. 911-926. ISSN 0140-0118

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Tissue Doppler imaging is an essential echocardiographic technique for the non-invasive assessment of myocardial blood velocity. Image acquisition and interpretation are performed by trained operators who visually localise landmarks representing Doppler peak velocities. Current clinical guidelines recommend averaging measurements over several heartbeats. However, this manual process is both time-consuming and disruptive to workflow. An automated system for accurate beat isolation and landmark identification would be highly desirable. A dataset of tissue Doppler images was annotated by three cardiologist experts, providing a gold standard and allowing for observer variability comparisons. Deep neural networks were trained for fully automated predictions on multiple heartbeats and tested on tissue Doppler strips of arbitrary length. Automated measurements of peak Doppler velocities show good Bland–Altman agreement (average standard deviation of 0.40 cm/s) with consensus expert values; less than the inter-observer variability (0.65 cm/s). Performance is akin to individual experts (standard deviation of 0.40 to 0.75 cm/s). Our approach allows for > 26 times as many heartbeats to be analysed, compared to a manual approach. The proposed automated models can accurately and reliably make measurements on tissue Doppler images spanning several heartbeats, with performance indistinguishable from that of human experts, but with significantly shorter processing time.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Cardiac imaging; Deep learning; Landmark localisation; Object detection; Tissue Doppler echocardiography.
Subjects: Construction and engineering > Biomedical engineering
Medicine and health
Depositing User: Massoud Zolgharni
Date Deposited: 09 Oct 2023 12:17
Last Modified: 01 Jun 2024 08:17


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