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Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2012) 'Campos de Oro', Spanish operatic translation of Sting's hit song 'Fields of Gold'. [Audio]

Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2012) Life from Light. [Composition]

Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2012) Life from Light. [Performance]

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Efthymiou, Litha, Effy Efthymiou, Effy, Effy Efthymiou, Effy and Effy Efthymiou, Effy (2012) Fragments of Sun (. [Arts Related non-text Outputs] (Unpublished)

Efthymiou, Litha (2012) Egg Soldiers. [Composition] (Unpublished)

Efthymiou, Litha (2012) States of Ice: Diamond Dust. [Composition]


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Osbon, David (2012) Suite for cello and piano. [Composition]

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