A case study on modelling of complex event processing in enterprise architecture

Kim, Hyeonsook and Oussena, Samia (2012) A case study on modelling of complex event processing in enterprise architecture. In: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. SCITEPRESS, pp. 173-180. ISBN 9789898565129

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Over the decades, Enterprise Architecture (EA) has been researched to supply all the necessary components for enterprise system modelling including taxonomies, meta-models, architecture development methods, and modelling tools. The main benefits of EA are the knowledge infrastructure for analysis and reporting by all stakeholders and the possibility of designing new conditions in an organized manner. However, EA now faces a big challenge with the growing dynamic of market demands and the rapid changes in business environments, which requires agile system response and self-evolutionary behaviour to support quick decision-making. In technology side, there are already matured, promising paradigm to tackle this challenges, which is Complex Event Processing, however it has not been fully dealt with EA. No standardized method for applying event driven approach in business and IT systems modelling has been developed yet. The paper investigates a possibility of integration of EDA by adding ev ent process layer between business operating and business process layers in the EA stack. Complex event patterns are identified and an event meta-model extending ArchiMate is also proposed to integrate complex event modelling to the business modelling. Using a case study, we modeled a business scenario with event driven approach.

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Identifier: 10.5220/0003968701730180
Keywords: Enterprise Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Complex Event Processing, Event Driven Architecture, Model Driven Architecture, Business Modeling
Subjects: Computing
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