Analog design and simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice

Fitzpatrick, Dennis M. (2012) Analog design and simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice. Elsevier Electronic Engineering. Newnes, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780080970950

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A practical guide to using Capture-PSpice to learn circuit design and simulation techniques.
Organized into 22 chapters, complete with exercises, the book explains how to set up project types and libraries for PSpice simulation. It covers the use of AC analysis to calculate the frequency and phase response of a circuit and DC analysis to calculate the circuits bias point over a range of values. The book describes parametric sweeps to sweep circuit parameter through a range of values and the use of the Stimulus Editor to define transient analogue and digital sources. Simulation failures due to circuit errors and incorrect parameters are examined. There is a chapter om the use of Monte Carlo analysis to estimate the response of a circuit when device model parameters are randomly varied between specified tolerance limits according to a specified statistical distributions. Other chapters focus on the use of worst-case analysis to identify the most critical components that will affect circuit performance, the creation of PSpice models and how the frequency-related signal and dispersion losses of transmission lines affect the signal integrity of high-speed signals via the transmission lines.
Practitioners, researchers, and anybody interested in using the Cadence/OrCAD professional simulation software to design and analyze electronic circuits will find the information, methods and exercises described in this book extremely useful.

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