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Agunwah, I.M., Ogueke, C.C, Nwosu, J.N and Anyogu, Amarachukwu ORCID: (2024) Microbiological evaluation of the indigenous fermented condiment okpeye available at various retail markets in the south-eastern region of Nigeria. Heliyon, 10 (3). ISSN 2405-8440

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Arunachalam, Einthavy, Rogers, William, Simpson, Guy, Moller-Levet, Carla, Bolton, Gemma, Ismael, Mohammed, Smith, Christopher, Keegen, Karl, Bagwan, Izhar, Brend, Tim, Short, Susan, Hong, Bangxing, Otani, Yoshihiro, Kaur, Balveen, Annels, Nicola, Morgan, Richard ORCID: and Pandha, Hardev (2022) HOX and PBX gene dysregulation as a therapeutic target in glioblastoma multiforme. BMC Cancer, 22 (1).


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Berlanga-Acosta, Jorge, Fernández-Mayola, Maday, Mendoza-Marí, Yssel, García-Ojalvo, Ariana, Martinez-Jimenez, Indira, Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Nadia, Playford, Raymond J. ORCID:, Reyes-Acosta, Osvaldo, Lopez-Marín, Laura and Guillén-Nieto, Gerardo (2022) Intralesional infiltrations of arteriosclerotic tissue cells-free filtrate reproduce vascular pathology in healthy recipient rats. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 23 (3). p. 1511. ISSN 1661-6596

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Connell, Shea, Mills, Robert, Pandha, Hardev, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Cooper, Colin, Clark, Jeremy and Brewer, Daniel (2021) Integration of urinary EN2 protein & cell-free RNA data in the development of a multivariable risk model for the detection of prostate cancer prior to biopsy. Cancers, 13 (9). p. 2102.


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Draicchio, Fulvia, Tillin, Neale, Hurren, Nicholas M., Behrends, Volker ORCID: and mackenzie, richard (2022) Involvement of the extracellular matrix and integrin signalling proteins in skeletal muscle glucose uptake. Journal of Physiology, 600 (20). ISSN 0022-3751


Elamin, Ayssar, Klunkelfuß, Saskia, Kämpfer, Susanne, Oehlmann, Wulf, Stehr, Matthias, Smith, Christopher, Simpson, Guy, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Pandha, Hardev and Singh, Mahavir (2020) A specific blood signature reveals higher levels of S100A12: a potential bladder cancer diagnostic biomarker along with urinary Engrailed-2 protein detection. Frontiers in Oncology, 9. p. 1484.


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Kelley, Zoe, Moller-Levet, Carla, McGrath, Sophie, Butler-Manuel, Simon, Madhuri, Thumuluru, Kierzek, Andrzej, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Pandha, Hardev and Michael, Agnieszka (2016) The prognostic significance of specific HOX gene expression patterns in ovarian cancer. International journal of cancer, 139 (7). pp. 1608-1617. ISSN 0020-7136

Krebs Kleingesinds, Eduardo, de Almeida Parizotto, Letícia, Effer, Brian, Monteiro, Gisele, Long, Paul F., Arroyo-Berdugo, Yoana, Behrends, Volker ORCID:, Teresa Esposito, Maria, Calle, Yolanda and Pessoa-Jr, Adalberto (2023) Downstream process and evaluation of the concomitant impact of a recombinant glycosylated L-asparaginase on leukemic cancer cells and the bone marrow tumor microenvironment. Process Biochemistry. ISSN 1359-5113


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Liu, Y, Li, Z, Sun, T, Li, Z, Manyande, Anne ORCID:, Xiang, H and He, Z (2024) Gut microbiota regulates hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury-induced cognitive dysfunction via the HDAC2-ACSS2 axis in mice. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 17 (6). ISSN 1755-5930 (In Press)


McGrath, Sophie, Annels, Nicola, Madhuri, Thumuluru, Tailor, Anil, Butler-Manuel, Simon, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Pandha, Hardev and Michael, Agnieszka (2018) Engrailed-2 (EN2) - a novel biomarker in epithelial ovarian cancer. BMC cancer, 18 (1).

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Padam, Kanaka Sai Ram, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Hunter, Keith, Chakrabarty, Sanjiban, Kumar, Naveena A. N. and Radhakrishnan, Raghu (2022) Identification of HOX signatures contributing to oral cancer phenotype. Scientific Reports, 12 (1).

Peralta-Maraver, Ignacio, Rutere, Cyrus, Horn, Marcus A., Reche, Isabel, Behrends, Volker ORCID:, Reiss, Julia and Robertson, Anne L. (2022) Intermediate Levels of Predation and Nutrient Enrichment Enhance the Activity of Ibuprofen-Degrading Bacteria. Microbial Ecology, 86. ISSN 0095-3628

Platais, Christopher, Radhakrishnan, Raghu, Ebensberger, Sven, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Lambert, Daniel and Hunter, Keith (2018) Targeting HOX-PBX interactions causes death in oral potentially malignant and squamous carcinoma cells but not normal oral keratinocytes. BMC cancer, 18 (1).

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Punia, Natasha, Primon, Monika, Simpson, Guy, Pandha, Hardev and Morgan, Richard ORCID: (2019) Membrane insertion and secretion of the Engrailed-2 (EN2) transcription factor by prostate cancer cells may induce antiviral activity in the stroma. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).


Ryall, Ben, Carrara, Marta, Zlosnik, James E. A., Behrends, Volker ORCID:, Lee, Xiaoyun, Wong, Zhen, Lougheed, Kathryn E. and Williams, Huw. D (2014) The Mucoid Switch in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Represses Quorum Sensing Systems and Leads to Complex Changes to Stationary Phase Virulence Factor Regulation. PLoS ONE, 9 (5).


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Schär, Manuel Y, Corona, Giulia, Soycan, Gulten, Dine, Clemence, Kristek, Angelika, Alsharif, Sarah NS, Behrends, Volker, Lovegrove, Alison, Shewry, Peter R and Spencer, Jeremy PE (2017) Excretion of avenanthramides, phenolic acids and their major metabolites following intake of oat bran. Molecular nutrition & food research, 62 (2). p. 1700499. ISSN 1613-4125

Shenoy, Sangeetha, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Hunter, Keith, Kabekkodu, Shama and Radhakrishnan, Raghu (2022) Integrated computational analysis reveals HOX genes cluster as oncogenic drivers in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Scientific Reports, 12 (1).


Teresa Esposito, Maria, Calle, Yolanda, Behrends, Volker ORCID: and Costabile, Adele (2022) Cerrado and Pantanal fruit flours affect gut microbiota composition in healthy and post-COVID-19 individuals: An in vitro pilot fermentation study. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 59 (5). ISSN 0950-5423

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Turnbull, Andrew R, Murphy, Ronan, Behrends, Volker, Lund-Palau, Helena, Simbo, Ameze, Mariveles, Myril, Alton, Eric WFW, Bush, Andrew, Shoemark, Amelia and Davies, Jane C (2018) Impact of T2R38 receptor polymorphisms on Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 197 (12). pp. 1635-1638. ISSN 1073-449X


Williams, Huw D, Behrends, Volker, Bundy, Jacob G, Ryall, Ben and Zlosnik, James E (2010) Hypertonic saline therapy in cystic fibrosis: do population shifts caused by the osmotic sensitivity of infecting bacteria explain the effectiveness of this treatment? Frontiers in microbiology, 1 (120). p. 7262.


Yuen, Hiu-Fung, Chan, Ka-Kui, Platt-Higgins, Angela, Dakir, EL-Habib, Matchett, Kyle, Haggag, Yusuf Ahmed, Jithesh, Puthen, Habib, Tanwir, Faheem, Ahmed, Fennell, Dean, Morgan, Richard ORCID:, Rudland, Philip and El-Tanani, Mohamed (2016) Ran GTPase promotes cancer progression via Met recepto-rmediated downstream signaling. Oncotarget, 7 (46). pp. 75854-75864.


Zhang, J, Li, M, Zhang, G, Tian, Y, Kong, F, Xiong, S, Zhao, S, Jia, D, Manyande, Anne ORCID: and Du, H (2021) Identification of novel antioxidant peptides from snakehead (Channa argus) soup generated during gastrointestinal digestion and insights into the anti-oxidation mechanisms. Food Chemistry, 337. ISSN 0308-8146

Zheng, Ning, Li, Mei, Wu, Yang, Kaewborisuth, Challika, Li, Zhen, Gui, Zhu, Wu, Jinfeng, Cai, Aoling, Lin, Kangguang, Su, Kuan-Pin, Xiang, Hongbing, Tian, Xuebi, Manyande, Anne ORCID:, Xu, Fuqiang and Wang, Jie (2022) A novel technology for in vivo detection of cell type-specific neural connection with AQP1-encoding rAAV2-retro vector and metal-free MRI. NeuroImage, 258. p. 119402. ISSN 1053-8119

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