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Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: and Dunckley, Lynne (2008) Sociotechnical research and knowledge communication in community-centred systems design: a technological frames perspective. International Journal of Web Based Communities, 4 (4). pp. 476-490. ISSN 1477-8394

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Behzadian Moghadam, Kourosh ORCID:, Ardehsir, A, Kapelan, Z and Savic, D (2008) Stochastic Sampling Design for Water Distribution Model Calibration. International Journal of Civil Engineering, 6 (1). pp. 48-57.

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Kani-Zabihi, Elahe, Ghinea, Gheorghita and Chen, Sherry Y. (2008) User perceptions of online public library catalogues. International Journal of Information Management, 28 (6). pp. 492-502. ISSN 0268-4012

Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2008) Importance of technology in an ageing society: some unavoidable global aspects. European Connextion: the newsletter for the members of the EU Hitachi Science and Technology Forum, 28.

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Waema, Tim Mwolo, Camara, Souleymane and Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: (2008) Cross-cultural participatory design in the developing world. University of Nairobi.

Walker, Kevin, Kabashi, A., Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID:, Ngugi, K., Underwood, Joshua, Elmirghani, J. and Prodanovic, M. (2008) Interaction design for rural agricultural sensor networks. iEMSs 2008: International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software Integrating Sciences and Information Technology for Environmental Assessment and Decision Making 4th Biennial Meeting of iEMSs. pp. 1660-1668.

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Zhang, Ying ORCID: and Travis, Adrian R L (2008) A DMD-based autostereoscopic display system for 3D interaction. Electronics Letters, 44 (1). pp. 22-24. ISSN 0013-5194

Book Section

Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: and Sharp, Helen (2008) Adopting Agile in a large organisation. In: Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming. XP 2008. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 9. Springer, Heidelberg, Germany, pp. 42-52. ISBN 9783540682547

Bonner, Gwen (2008) The psychological impact of restraint: examining the aftermath for staff and patients. In: Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Nursing. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 9780470060551

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Wigley, Wendy ORCID: (2008) Quality and risk management: safe guarding children and vulnerable groups. In: Public Health Skills: A Practical Guide for Nurses and Public Health Practitioners. Wiley, Oxford, UK, pp. 216-235. ISBN 9781405155199

Conference or Workshop Item

Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: (2008) Culture as a bottom up concept to understand diversity in systems production and use. In: Fifth Conference on Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication (CATAC), 28 June - 01 July 2008, Nimes, France.

Benson, Vladlena ORCID: (2008) Is the digital generation ready for Web 2.0-based learning? In: First World Summit on the Knowledge Society, WSKS 2008, 24-26 Sep 2008, Athens, Greece.

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Chen, Liang and Crampton, Jason (2008) On spatio-temporal constraints and inheritance in role-based access control. In: 3rd ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security, 18-20 Mar 2008, Tokyo, Japan.

Cole, Louise ORCID: (2008) Information needs of the new breed of students and researchers. In: Thomas Telford Board Away Day, 8 July 2008, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Cordeiro, Joao ORCID: (2008) pDaniM: a case study around interactive processes for expressive music generation in the computer animation production pipeline. In: Proceedings of ARTECH 2008, 4th International Conference on Digital Arts, 7-8 November 2008, Oporto, Portugal.

Didiot-Cook, Herve and Lingard, Matt (2008) What we like about Moodle. In: VLE Languages User Group IVth Annual Meeting, 18 March 2008, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Didiot-Cook, Herve and Lingard, Matt (2008) Winning with Wimba? From early enthusiasts to the mainstream at a UK university. In: Wimba Connect 2008, 2 - 5 March 2008, Florida, USA. (Unpublished)

Gasston-Hales, Melanie (2008) An action research study - how could a virtual learning resource be implemented and evaluated for pre-registration mental health student nurses to use in clinical practice? In: RCN & Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research 14th International Conference, 1-3 Oct 2008, UK.

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Lingard, Matt (2008) Emerging technologies and their use in careers. In: AGCAS Heads of Service Conference 2008, 10 January 2008, Harrogate, UK. (Unpublished)

Lingard, Matt (2008) Emerging technologies for careers services. In: Graduate Careers Ireland Biennial Conference 2008, 25 - 27 June 2008, Galway, Ireland. (Unpublished)

Naghsh, A. M., Danielsson, K., Fischer, G., Bratteteig, T., Blomberg, J. and Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: (2008) Distributed-PD: challenges and opportunities. In: PDC, 27-30 Oct 2008, Los Angeles, USA.

Oyugi, Cecilia, Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID:, Dunckley, Lynne and Dray, Susan (2008) The challenges for participatory design in the developing world. In: The 10th Anniversary Conference on Participatory Design 2008, 01-04 Oct 2008, Bloomington, IN, USA.

Seifert, Christian, Endicott-Popovsky, Barbara, Frincke, Deborah A., Komisarczuk, Peter, Muschevici, Radu and Welch, Ian (2008) Justifying the need for forensically ready protocols: a case study of identifying malicious web servers using client honeypots. In: Fourth Annual IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics, 27–30 Jan 2008, Kyoto, Japan.

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Walker, Kevin, Underwood, Joshua, Waema, Tim Mwolo, Dunckley, Lynne, Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID:, Luckin, Rosemary, Oyugi, Cecilia and Camara, Souleymane (2008) A resource kit for participatory socio-technical design in rural Kenya. In: 26th Annual CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 5-10 Apr 2008, Florence, Italy.

Xiao, Hannan, Christianson, Bruce and Zhang, Ying ORCID: (2008) A purchase protocol with live cardholder authentication for online credit card payment. In: The Fourth International Conference on Information Assurance and Security, 8-10 September 2008, Napoli, Italy.


Benson, Vladlena ORCID: and Davis, Kate (2008) Business information management. Ventus Publishing. ISBN 9788776814137

Benson, Vladlena ORCID: and Davis, Kate (2008) Business information management: exercises. Ventus Publishing. ISBN 9788776814144

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Pott, Francis ORCID: (2008) When David heard that Absalom was slain. [Composition]


Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2008) The Momo Live Show. [Performance] (Unpublished)

Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2008) The Momo Live Show. [Performance] (Unpublished)


Castells-Delgado, Antonio ORCID: (2008) Live from Bush Hall. [Audio]

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