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Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: (2001) Situating the interface in context: user diversity and cultural intersections. The Open University.


Barua, Rajat S., Ambrose, John A., Eales-Reynolds, Lesley-Jane ORCID:, DeVoe, M. C., Zervas, J. G. and Saha, D. C. (2001) Dysfunctional endothelial nitric oxide biosynthesis in healthy smokers with impaired endothelium-dependent vasodilatation. Circulation, 104 (16). pp. 1905-1910.

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Cole, Louise ORCID: (2001) A library odyssey: electronic journals management in an academic institution. VINE, 31 (4). pp. 43-48. ISSN 0305-5728

Colson, Richard (2001) Mindtracker. [Show/Exhibition]


Eales-Reynolds, Lesley-Jane ORCID:, Laver, H. and Modjtahedi, H. (2001) Evidence for the expression of the EGF receptor on human monocytic cells. Cytokine, 16 (5). pp. 169-172. ISSN 1043-4666

Ellis, Jason and Fox, Pauline ORCID: (2001) The effect of self-identified sexual orientation on helping behavior in a British sample: are lesbians and gay men treated differently? Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 36 (6). pp. 1238-1247. ISSN 1559-1816

Evans, Andrew (2001) This virtual life: escapism and simulation in our media world. Fusion Press, London, UK. ISBN 1901250598


Franks, Peter J. and Moffatt, Christine J. (2001) Health related quality of life in patients with venous ulceration: use of the Nottingham health profile. Quality of Life Research, 10 (8). pp. 693-700. ISSN 1573-2649


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Hossain, M.Z. and Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2001) Access to mass media and its exposure to family planning messages: levels, differentials and determinants. Asian Profile, 29 (1). pp. 63-82. ISSN 0304-8675

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Jie, Wei ORCID:, Cai, Wentong and Turner, Stephen John (2001) Dynamic load-balancing in a data parallel object-oriented system. In: The 8th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2000), 29 June 2001, Kyongju City, South Korea.

Jie, Wei ORCID:, Cai, Wentong and Turner, Stephen John (2001) A parallel object-oriented system - its dynamic load balancing strategies and implementation. In: The 5th International Conference on High-Performance Computing in the Asia-Pacific Region (HPC Asia 2001), 24-28 Sept 2001, Gold Coast, Australia.

Johnson, C. R., Newcombe, J., Thorne, S., Borde, H. A., Eales-Reynolds, Lesley-Jane ORCID:, Gorringe, A. R., Funnell, S. G. and McFadden, J. J. (2001) Generation and characterization of a PhoP homologue mutant of Neisseria meningitidis. Molecular Microbiology, 39 (5). pp. 1345-1355. ISSN 0950-382X

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Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: and Hossain, M. W. (2001) Effects of communication in achieving goals of family planning programmes in Bangladesh: a study on innovative communication approach Jiggasha. The Bangladesh Journal of Science and Technology, 3 (1). pp. 113-123. ISSN 1560-1064

Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: (2001) Report on methods of systems analysis for studying and forecasting population-environment interactions. Discussion Paper. Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis.


McCourt, Christine and Thomas, B. Gail (2001) Evaluation of a problem-based curriculum in midwifery. Midwifery, 17 (4). pp. 323-331. ISSN 0266-6138

McGregor, Karen F., Young, H.-K., Nolan, C. and Woodford, N. (2001) Prevalence of the vanB2 gene cluster in VanB glycopeptide-resistant enterococci in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and its association with a Tn5382-like element. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 45 (1). pp. 367-368. ISSN 1098-6596

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McLaughlin, Eugene and Murji, Karim ORCID: (2001) Ways of seeing: the news media and racist violence. In: Understanding Social Problems: Issues in Social Policy. Blackwell, UK. ISBN 9780631220299

Menezes, Antoinette (2001) Reflections on the development of CHASE Children's Hospice Service. Journal of Child Health Care, 5 (3). pp. 123-125. ISSN 1367-4935


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Parrott, Andy, Milani, Raffaella Margherita ORCID:, Parmar, Rishee and Turner, John (2001) Recreational ecstasy/MDMA and other drug users from the UK and Italy: psychiatric symptoms and psychobiological problems. Psychopharmacology, 159 (1). pp. 77-82. ISSN 1432-2072

Pratt, Robert, Loveday, Heather ORCID:, Pellowe, C.M., Robinson, Nicola, Franks, Peter J., Hankins, Matthew and Loveday, Clive (2001) Adherence to antiretroviral therapy - appropriate use of self reporting in clinical practice. HIV Clinical Trials, 2 (2). pp. 146-159. ISSN 1528-4336


Roberts, Stephen (2001) Electronic journals in higher education: technology, decision making and economics. Information Services and Use, 21 (3/4). pp. 223-234. ISSN 0167-5265

Roberts, Stephen (2001) Trends and developments in financial management of collections in academic and research libraries. The Bottom Line, 14 (3). pp. 152-63. ISSN 0888-045X

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Roiser, Martin (2001) Social psychology and social concern in 1930s Britain. In: Psychology in Britain: historical essays and personal reflections. BPS Books, pp. 169-187. ISBN 1854333321


Saha, D. C., Barua, Rajat S., Astiz, Mark E., Rackow, E. C. and Eales-Reynolds, Lesley-Jane ORCID: (2001) Monophosphoryl lipid A stimulated up-regulation of reactive oxygen intermediates in human monocytes in vitro. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 70 (3). pp. 381-385. ISSN 0741-5400

Shaaban, Ibrahim ORCID: (2001) Ductility of biaxially loaded high strength reinforced concrete columns. Journal of Engineering and Applied Science, Cairo University, 48 (4). pp. 655-674.


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Zhang, Ying ORCID:, Fernando, Terrence and Wang, Tingkai (2001) Virtual environment system for interactive acoustic assess of building. In: ACM SIGRRAPH and EUROGRAPHICS Campfire: Acoustic Rendering for Virtual Environments, 26-29 May 2001, Utah, USA.

Zolinsky, Andrew (2001) Old, new, borrowed and blue – a three concert series including British/London premieres of works by American and Dutch composers. [Performance]

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