Non-thinking music making: a proposed methodology to emancipate improvisation

Sayer, Timothy (2014) Non-thinking music making: a proposed methodology to emancipate improvisation. In: 9th Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology – CIM14, 03-06 Dec 2014, Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, Berlin, Germany.

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This paper draws on discourse from psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience to present a theoretical framework with which to explore procedural memory, readiness potential, intentional binding and hypnosis as a means of developing points of intervention in the reflexive/volitional behaviour of an improvising musician. It proposes a methodology to invoke the cognitive state of hypnagogia and in so doing create an environment for emergent behaviour to become manifest within the context of musical/sound art improvisational performance. The paper will outline experimental collaborative work with musicians, technicians and professionals from the field of clinical hypnosis. Biofeedback is often utilised for artistic endeavours in order to provide a data stream, with which to drive algorithms, in a parameter space which produces an artistic output. The methodology suggested in this paper, uses a form of biofeedback (EEG) mediated through hypnotic induction, which can be utilised to augment the parameter space of live performance. This is not as a means of controlling external processes but as a mechanism to influence and augment the performer’s behavioural pallet, both within and without conscious awareness. The inspiration for this work is derived from the experiences of leading improvisers and so the project output will be evaluated from the perspective of the performer’s subjective experience. This paper maps the theoretical territory from which this creative endeavour has been developed and provides a rationale prior to the work being undertaken.

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