Modelling metabolism based performance of an urban water system using WaterMet2

Behzadian, Kourosh and Kapelan, Zoran (2015) Modelling metabolism based performance of an urban water system using WaterMet2. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 99. pp. 84-99. ISSN 0921-3449

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This paper presents a new quantitative model called ‘WaterMet2’ for the metabolism based assessment of the integrated urban water system (UWS) performance. WaterMet2 quantifies a number of
UWS flows/fluxes (e.g. water and energy) which can be used to derive sustainability-based performance
metrics. The generic WaterMet2 model overcomes the drawbacks of the existing UWS models and strives
to bridge the gaps related to the nexus of water, energy and other environmental impacts in an integrated
UWS. The main features of WaterMet2 are: (1) conceptual simulation model of UWS comprised of water
supply, stormwater and wastewater subsystems with possible centralised and decentralised water reuse;
(2) UWS represented by an arbitrary number of key UWS components for each type in four spatial scales
(System, Subcatchment, Local and Indoor areas) in a distributed modelling type approach; (3) quantifying the metabolism-based performance of UWS including the caused and avoided environmental impact
categories (GHG emissions, acidification and eutrophication potentials) and resource recovery in UWS.
WaterMet2 is tested, validated and demonstrated by evaluating the long-term performance of the UWS
of a northern European city for three states including business as usual and two intervention strategies: addition of new water resources and large scale localised water recycling. The results obtained
demonstrate the effectiveness of WaterMet2 in evaluating the sustainability related UWS performance,
the suitability of using WaterMet2 at the strategic level UWS planning and the importance of using an
integrated assessment approach covering the full urban water cycle.

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