Superior cervical ganglionectomy alters gut microbiota in rats

Zhang, Wencui, Li, Yujuan, Sun, Tianning, Li, Zhixiao, Manyande, Anne ORCID:, Xu, Weiguo, Feng, Maohui and Xiang, Hongbing (2022) Superior cervical ganglionectomy alters gut microbiota in rats. American Journal of Translational Research, 14 (3). pp. 2037-2050.

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The diversity and complexity of sympathetic function highlight the importance of fundamental research. Little is known about the interaction of superior cervical sympathetic ganglion (SCG) and gut microbiota. In this study, the engagement of the sympathetic ganglia with gut microbiota was investigated. Bilateral superior cervical ganglionectomy (SCGx) significantly altered the microbiota composition in rats 14 days post-surgery, and these microbiotas may participate in several biological pathways in the host, suggesting the vital role of the cervical sympathetic ganglion in regulating the microbiome-brain axis, and further confirming that the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) regulates the microbiome-brain axis.

Item Type: Article
Identifier: PMID: 35422915
Additional Information: AJTR Copyright © 2022. Zhang, W., Li, Y., Sun, T., Li, Z., Manyande, A., Xu, W., Feng, M., Xiang, H., 2022. Superior cervical ganglionectomy alters gut microbiota in rats. Am J Transl Res 14, 2037–2050.
Keywords: Superior cervical sympathetic ganglion, superior cervical ganglionectomy, sympathetic nervous system, gut microbiota
Subjects: Medicine and health
Depositing User: Anne Manyande
Date Deposited: 17 Jun 2022 13:41
Last Modified: 06 Feb 2024 16:11


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