Factors Affecting Healthy Aging and Its Interconnected Pathways

Addo, Kwaku Mari and Khan, Hafiz T.A. ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1817-3730 (2024) Factors Affecting Healthy Aging and Its Interconnected Pathways. TURKISH JOURNAL of HEALTHY AGING MEDICINE, 1 (1). pp. 9-24.

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The process of aging is influenced by factors across different aspects of life including biology, lifestyle,
and the surrounding environment. As the global population continues to age it is crucial to understand
the complexities involved in maintaining the health and quality of life of adults. This article offers an
overview of the dimensions of aging by examining the key factors and demonstrating how they are
interconnected in shaping the aging process. Biological factors play a role at molecular and systemic
levels. Lifestyle choices also have an impact with regular physical activity, a balanced diet, sufficient
sleep, and cognitive engagement all contributing to overall well-being.
Social support networks, community resources and access to healthcare services are environmental
factors that also influence healthy aging trajectories. In addition, socioeconomic circumstances
contribute to disparities in aging outcomes with individuals from poorer backgrounds often facing
greater challenges in accessing resources and healthcare services. Genetic predisposition can play a role
in determining how well we are with certain genes and molecular pathways associated with age related
diseases that can affect longevity.
In order to comprehensively explore the literature on aging, this study employed the methodological
approach of a scoping review to identify topics and evidence types, and also a rapid review to
systematically map current knowledge. This combination provides a focus on qualitative summaries
rather than exhaustive analysis and enabled a systematic search for relevant papers while ensuring
rigorous screening processes for categorizing and synthesizing the findings. It involved searching the
PubMed database by scanning titles and abstracts for relevance and then organizing information based
on the dominant themes. A qualitative analysis of the evidence was then carried out, related to the
concept of healthy aging, while also identifying gaps in the research.
The result is an overview of the evidence surrounding aging and areas that require investigation. To
summarize, this innovative approach using scoping and rapid review methodologies enabled a
systematic mapping of current knowledge about aging. By examining these factors, and understanding
their interconnectedness, approaches can be developed that will be effective in helping to promote
healthy aging and thereby enhance the quality of life for older adults. This article aims to provide
insights into the influencers of the aging process while also highlighting potential avenues for future
research and interventions

Item Type: Article
Identifier: 10.5281/zenodo.10800262
Keywords: healthy aging, lifestyle choices, environmental factors
Subjects: Medicine and health
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Date Deposited: 11 Mar 2024 10:09
Last Modified: 11 Mar 2024 12:06
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