Data literacy in the smart university approach

Sauer, Christian, Kheirkhahzadeh, Antonio and Roth-Berghofer, Thomas (2016) Data literacy in the smart university approach. In: Data Literacy for learning analytics workshop, 26.04.2016, Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference 2016, Edinburgh.

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Equipping classrooms with inexpensive sensors for data collection can
provide students and teachers with the opportunity to interact with the
classroom in a smart way. In this paper two approaches to acquiring
contextual data from a classroom environment are presented. We further present our approach to analysing the collected room usage data
on site, using low cost single board computer, such as a Raspberry Pi
and Arduino units, performing a significant part of the data analysis
on-site. We demonstrate how the usage data was used to model specifcic room usage situation as cases in a Case-based reasoning (CBR)
system. The room usage data was then integrated in a room recommender system, reasoning on the formalised usage data, allowing for
a convenient and intuitive end user experience based on the collected
raw sensor data. Having implemented and tested our approaches we are
currently investigating the possibility of using (XML)Schema-informed
compression to enhance the security and efficiency of the transmission
of a large number of sensor reports generated by interpreting the raw
data on-site, to our central data sink. We are investigating this new
approach to usage data transmission as we are aiming to integrate our
on-going work into our vision of the Smart University to ensure and
enhance the Smart University's data literacy.

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