Women’s experiences of coping with pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality

Lafarge, Caroline, Mitchell, Kathryn and Fox, Pauline (2013) Women’s experiences of coping with pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality. Qualitative Health Research, 23 (7). pp. 924-936.

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Pregnancy termination for fetal abnormality (TFA) can have significant psychological consequences. Most research focus on measuring the psychological outcome of TFA,
and little is known about the coping strategies involved. In this article, we report women’s coping strategies used during and after the procedure. Our account is based
on experiences of 27 women, which we analyzed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Coping comprised four structures, consistent across time points: support,
acceptance, avoidance, and meaning attribution. Women mostly used “adaptive” coping strategies but reported inadequacies in aftercare, which challenged their resources. The implications of this study focus on the provision of a sensitive, nondirective care rooted
in the acknowledgment of the unique nature of TFA. Enabling women to reciprocate to emotional support, promoting adaptive coping strategies, highlighting the potential value
of spending time with the baby, and providing long-term support (including during subsequent pregnancies) might promote psychological adjustment to TFA.

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