Traffic management in satellite ATM bridge

Sun, Z., Komisarczuk, Peter, Coakley, F. P. and Evans, B. G. (1994) Traffic management in satellite ATM bridge. In: 11th Teletraffic Symposium: Performance Engineering in Telecommunications Networks, 23-25 March 1994, Cambridge, UK.

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This paper presents the studies of traffic management in the satellite ATM bridge based
on a RACE 11 RACE project -- CATALYST R2074. The aim of the project is to develop satellite
ATM bridge that satellite communication systems can support the future B-ISDN services. An
evolutionary approach has been adopted in the RACE programme that the ATM bridge can
interconnect the ATM network and the existing networks as well DQDB, FDDI and Ethemet
networks. A number of modules have been developed to interface different networks on one side
and one module to interface the satellite earth stations on the other side. The interfaces to the
networks have different bit rates from 10 to 155 Mbit/s (155 MbiVs for ATM, 34 MbiVs for DQDB,
100 MbiVs for FDDI and 10 Mbit/s for Ethemet) and interface to the satellite has a bit rate of only
about 24 Mbit/s which may be shared by a few earth stations. Therefore, it is important to control
the traffic and manage the resources on the bridge to prevent overload and preserve the quality of
the services on the satellite. Three aspects are concerned to optimise system performance: traffic
characteristics, available satellite bandwidth capacity and required quality of service. The objective
is to allocate adequate resources to the given traffic for specified quality of service. A traffic
management mechanism has been developed in the light of CCITT' recommendations on B-ISDN.
The satellite ATM bridge will play a very important role in the initial interconnections of B-ISDN
islands and in the further development of the B-ISDN for mobile communications and direct
broadcast services.

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