Centralized graph based TSCH scheduling for IoT network applications

Choudhury, Nikumani, Nasralla, Moustafa M., Gupta, Prakhar and Rehman, Ikram ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0115-9024 (2021) Centralized graph based TSCH scheduling for IoT network applications. In: IEEE Intl Conf on Parallel & Distributed Processing with Applications, Big Data & Cloud Computing, Sustainable Computing & Communications, Social Computing & Networking (ISPA/BDCloud/SocialCom/SustainCom), 30 Sep - 03 Oct 2021, New York, USA.

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The current specification of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard supports several application specific Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for Internet of Things (IoT) network applications. Specifically, the Time Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) MAC mode provides effective latency and throughput performance through the use of dedicated timeslots between two communicating devices. Despite the impact TSCH MAC can facilitate in low-power lossy networks (LLNs), the standard does not explore either the building or maintaining of a schedule. The challenge is to build an energy-efficient TSCH schedule that repeats periodically over several channels. To address this problem, we propose a centralized cluster-level TSCH scheduling mechanism from the energy-efficiency perspective. The proposed mechanism derives a collision graph for each of the clusters in the network topology to schedule non-overlapping timeslots. The Bron–Kerbosch algorithm is used as a sub-procedure for finding the complete sub-graphs of a graph. In addition, we analytically compute the transmission and energy overhead with the help of a Markov Model for TSCH.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
ISBN: 9781665435741
Identifier: 10.1109/ISPA-BDCloud-SocialCom-SustainCom52081.2021.00219
Page Range: pp. 1639-1644
Identifier: 10.1109/ISPA-BDCloud-SocialCom-SustainCom52081.2021.00219
Keywords: IEEE 802.15.4, Internet of Things, TSCH MAC, scheduling, Bron–Kerbosch Algorithm
Subjects: Computing
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Depositing User: Ikram Rehman
Date Deposited: 27 Jul 2022 05:55
Last Modified: 27 Jul 2022 08:56
URI: https://repository.uwl.ac.uk/id/eprint/9270

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