Human-computer interaction for development (HCI4D): who, what, where, when and how

Beale, Russell, Dearden, Andy, Dray, Susan, Jackson, Alan, Jones, Matt, Kam, Matt, Abdelnour-Nocera, Jose ORCID: and Winters, Niall (2009) Human-computer interaction for development (HCI4D): who, what, where, when and how. In: Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI 09), 2009.

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There is increasing interest in finding ways to bridge the "Digital Divide" by using the techniques, approaches and mindset of human-computer interaction (HCI) or user-centred design (UCD) when developing new technology for use in the so-called "Developing" world. This new sub-discipline, called variously “HCI for Development” (HCI4D), "Human-Centered Computing for Development" (HCC4D), or “UCD for Development (UCD4D) among other things, is growing rapidly as an exciting mix of students, academics and practitioners are finding ways to collaborate and developing a new community of practice. This topic, introduced in the early part of this century [6], is the basis of a series of workshops that have been held at a variety of conferences and venues [1,2,3,4,5,8] in order to be inclusive and to build the community. These workshops have succeeded beyond the organisers' wildest dreams and have lead to a vital community that is actively sharing and working together to exchange and critique ideas, share funding resources, develop methods, and engage in critical discourse about the philosophical, ethical, technical, organizational, academic and practical factors that will influence its long-term success. Within the HCI community more broadly, HCI4D answers the recent call to reflect "human values in the digital age" [7]. However, in order to build capacity outside of our own subcommunity, wider participative engagement is needed. The purpose of this workshop is to develop and share that vision. It opens up HCI4D to all, by presenting a series of case studies and expertise from a variety of people, with two intentions.

• The first is to share experiences within the HCI4D community, to combine knowledge and expertise, and provide cross-fertilization of ideas and concepts.
• The second is to run HCI4D activities in a grounded, accessible manner, so that people who are not involved
in the activities can come along and find all about it.
• The third is to examine in detail different organizational arrangements that can be applied in seeking to develop the role of HCI in economic and community development activity.

It is therefore in a middle ground between an academic workshop and the educational approach of a tutorial.

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