Calculating time delays of multiple active sources in live sound

Clifford, Alice and Reiss, Joshua D. (2010) Calculating time delays of multiple active sources in live sound. In: 129th Audio Engineering Society Convention, 04-07 Nov 2010, San Francisco, USA.

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Delays caused by differences in distance between sources and microphones cause many problems in live audio, most notably comb filtering. This paper presents a new method that is able to calculate the relative time delays of multiple active sources to multiple microphones where previous methods are unable to. The calculated time delays can be used to compensate for delays that cause comb filtering and can also be used in source separation methods which utilise delays. The proposed method is shown to be able to calculate delays in configurations where other methods fail and is also able to give an estimate of sources physical positions. The results show that multiple delays can be accurately calculated when multiple sources are active and that noise can effect the accuracy of the method.

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