Impact of cultural factors on people management strategies of Pakistani-owned SMEs in the UK

Butt, Iftikhar (2015) Impact of cultural factors on people management strategies of Pakistani-owned SMEs in the UK. Doctoral thesis, University of West London.

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This research is based on an explorative study of cultural factors and their impact on people management strategies of Pakistani-owned SMEs in the UK. The topic of the research has been investigated through in-depth literature review, case studies and questionnaire-based field survey. The literature review provided theoretical insights to the study and empirical investigation generated a wide range of information about practical scenario of these companies. The triangulation approach of the study helped in offsetting weaknesses of a specific method by strengths of other methods. Keeping in view nature and requirements of the research topic, the researcher preferred inductive approach (theory building) instead of deductive approach (theory testing). The deductive approach is usually linked with natural sciences; whereas, inductive approach works well with social sciences. The current area of the research was purely subjective (closely linked with social sciences) requiring qualitative data through case studies and field surveys, therefore the researcher preferred interpretative philosophy and inductive approach which proved very effective in data gathering and analyzing process.

The empirical investigation discovered a range of cultural factors such as religion, values, beliefs, traditions, cross-culture imperatives, languages and communication patterns playing a pivotal role in evolving and shaping HR related strategic frameworks of Pakistani-owned SMEs in the UK. The study emphasised the role of entrepreneurs as cross-cultural mediators seeking to develop their multiple identities to deal better with their multi-ethnic employees and customers. The triangulation of integrating the findings emerged out of case studies, field survey and literature review reflect a close resemblance between results of case studies and questionnaire survey; however, some dissimilarities have been found between empirical results and the results derived out of the literature review.

The study contributes to the existing body of knowledge by furthering our substantive understanding about HRM, culture and cultural influences on HR strategies and practices of SMEs. It provides some practical lessons to SMEs in the UK in general and ethnic minority SMEs in particular. Also the study paves the way for students and researchers to conduct further research in the area to overcome any limitations found in the findings.

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Subjects: Business and finance
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Date Deposited: 11 Mar 2015 10:18
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