Josephin ‘Sâr’ Péladan, Charles Tournemire and apocalyptic mysticism

Sholl, Robert (2019) Josephin ‘Sâr’ Péladan, Charles Tournemire and apocalyptic mysticism. In: Art, Music, and Mysticism in the Long Nineteenth Century. Routledge. (In Press)

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This chapter explores the presence of Péladan’s aesthetics of transformation in Charles Tournemire's religious-modernist project. I first outline various critical contexts for understanding mysticism, connecting these concepts to musical modes that were fundamental to Tournemire’s and Olivier Messiaen’s modernist musical aesthetics. In the second section, I detail how Péladan created a form of emancipatory apocalyptic mysticism that was important for Tournemire and foundation for Messiaen’s music. The third section discusses Tournemire’s employment and refashioning of karnatic or hindu modes, known as the ‘Mēḷakartā’, in his Sept Chorals-Poèmes d’Orgue pour les sept paroles du Xrist (1935) for organ. Tournemire’s inculcation of these modes, I contend, was a creative means of embodying symbolist and religious meaning, and the mysticism, desire, and fantasy implicit in Péladan’s vision of art.

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