Paper call for near surface geophysics special issue

Benedetto, Andrea, Loizos, Andreas, Pajewski, Lara and Tosti, Fabio (2014) Paper call for near surface geophysics special issue. Near Surface Geophysics, 32 (10). ISSN 02635046

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Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) has been increasingly used over the last few years in a wide range of applications, due to its flexibility and high potential for providing characterization and imaging of structures and materials. Overall, there are several reasons why demand is increasing for both this tool and non-destructive testing techniques (NDTs) in general. It is worth citing technological advances in both hardware and software elements, an intrinsic lower significance of measurements provided by traditional monitoring techniques, concern about the invasiveness of measuring processes and the impact on the environment and, last but not least, the impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the use of economic resources affecting countries worldwide for years ahead. A combination of these factors has piqued the interest of several skill profiles spanning researchers, practitioners and end-users in general, and has focused the attention of governments and local authorities on the possibility of gathering a large amount of information in a relatively short time of surveying.

Several fields of application can be covered by the use of GPR in civil engineering, including transportation and structural employment, coastal and geotechnical application, and environmental issues since the use of this non-destructive tool always assists conservation and better management of environmental heritage, including archaeological investigation. Over the past few years, the use of integrated geophysical prospection methods, such as electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) or seismic methods, has also seen an increase in uptake worldwide, as it enables improved imaging and data interpretation.

Our intent is to collect in an NSG special issue works on the most recent GPR instruments and techniques used in the dual field of civil and environmental engineering applications, even where combined with other NDTs. We will aim to gather the highest possible quality of work in these two main fields of application. Accordingly, we invite the submission of papers dealing with the following topics:

Physical and performance characterization of construction materials using different GPR instruments and techniques
Innovative interpretation techniques of GPR data in surveying critical infrastructures
Novel GPR techniques for geotechnical instability prevention and management of water resources
Environmental, historical and archaeological heritage conservation and management using GPR
Integrated use of GPR and other NDTs in civil and environmental engineering applications
Only original manuscripts can be submitted according to the ‘Guidance for Authors’ published on the NSG website As regards the online submission system of Near Surface Geophysics, authors are invited to refer to the address
Please mention the name of the special issue in your cover letter.
All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed according to the journals' established policies and procedures. Final papers will be selected for publication depending on both the results of the peer review process and reviews by guest editors as well as by the chief editor.

The deadline for manuscript submission to the NSG special issue is November 30th, 2014.
Publication: 2015

All inquiries regarding this call for papers should be directed to the guest editors:
Prof. Andrea Benedetto1* (
Prof. Andreas Loizos2 (
Dr. Lara Pajewski1 (
Dr. Fabio Tosti1 (

1 Department of Engineering, Roma Tre University, Via Vito Volterra 62, 00146, Rome, Italy
2 Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), 5, Iroon Polytechniou St., Zografou, Athens 15773, Greece

Publication coordinator Kasia Zuk ( will be happy to assist you in managing your submission.

Key Dates
Submission of full paper online: November 30th, 2014
Feedback from first-round reviews issued: January 2015
Revised manuscripts due: March 2015
Feedback from second-round reviews issued (if need be): April 2015
Final manuscripts due: July 2015
Planned publication: 2015

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: civil engineering; geophysical survey; ground penetrating radar
Subjects: Construction and engineering > Built environment
Construction and engineering > Civil and structural engineering
Construction and engineering
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Date Deposited: 26 May 2016 17:55
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